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Goa Paints & Allied Products Pvt. Ltd.

A DEMPO Product. Trusted name for quality coatings since 1969

Our range of surface coatings include industrial , marine , high performance / heavy duty coatings and pipeline coatings under the brand name GALAXY and GALAXITE. Some of our popular products are listed below.

Our Products

Paints for special requirements such as fire retardants,  heavy duty– non skid coatings & antifouling paints.

Specialty Paints

For more details, email us at : goapaints@goapaints.net

Epoxy coatings are two pack  thermosetting coating with excellent corrosion protection in chemical and saline environment. It is suitable for high build application and has strong solvent resistance.

Epoxy Coatings

PU is a popular choice for finish coats as it has excellent colour retention, durability and abrasion resistance.

Polyurethane Paints

· Galaxy PU finish 7601 (All colours)

· Galaxy PU Clearcoat (Glossy/Matt)

· Galaxite HP Auto Finish 7605

CR coatings are used for immersion services and in places of temperature fluctuation. They demonstrate excellent chemical resistance and have fast drying times.

Chlorinated Rubber Coatings

· CR Primer and Finish

· CR Tar Sealer Coat

· CR High Build Al Primer

· CR MIO Paint

· CR Antifouling

· Galaxy Intumiscent Fire Retardant

· Galaxy Heavy Duty Non Skid Epoxy

· Galaxsil 1045

· Galaxy Heat Resisting Aluminium Paints

· Shipguard Premium (Antifouling)

· Solventless Epoxy Coatings

· Silicone Acrylic Coatings

· Galaxy Epoxy Red Oxide Primer

· Galaxy Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer

· Galaxy Epoxy Universal Primer

· Galaxy Epoxy HB Finish 6690

· Galaxy Epoxy Coal Tar Black

· Galaxy Epoxy Mastic 6606

· Galaxy Unikote Black

Made from Oil modified polyester resins,  alkyd based paints provide an excellent durable coating with good colour retention providing an economical painting solution in moderately corrosive environment

Alkyd based Enamels and Primers

· GALAXITE Super Synthetic Enamel

· GALAXY Marine Gloss Enamel

· GALAXY Steel Furniture Enamel

· GALAXY Synthetic Enamel

· Red Oxide Zinc Chrome Primer (IS 2074)

· Zinc Phosphate Primer Grey

· Cement/Wood Primer


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