Alkyd Paint

Alkyd Paints are cost effective single pack coating on oil or fatty acid based synthetic resin. These paints are the most commonly used industrial and decorative applications due to their ease in use, adequate performance and high compatibility. Various modifications to the resin structure can further help improve properties such as gloss, drying, adhesion and abrasion.

Cost effective red oxide based metal primer. Recommended for use in mildly corrosive environment.

Fast drying alkyd, available in various customized options; particularly popular for OEM applications.

Premium gloss finish long oil alkyd enamel with excellent gloss and hiding.

Specification Description
IS 104 Zinc Chrome Primer Yellow (Brushing)
IS 133 Interior Enamel a) Undercoating b) Finishing
IS 1874 Ready Mix Paint -Universal Zinc Chrome Primer Yellow
IS 2074 Red Oxide Zinc Chrome Primer
IS 2932 Synthetic Enamel –  Exterior
IS 2933 Synthetic Enamel –  Exterior
IS 6948 Marine Undercoat, Synthetic Enamel
IS 6951 Marine Enamel Finishing Exterior
IS 8662 Synthetic Enamel Exterior  a) Undercoating b) Finishing for railway coaches
IS 8982 Synthetic Enamel Finishing, Air drying for war equipment
IS 12744 Red Oxide Zinc Phosphate Primer
JSS 8010-65 RFU Finish Semi Glossy  (Brush or Spray)
JSS 8010-6 RFU Finish Interior  – Decks & Dadoes
JSS 8010-31 RFU Dead Black
JSS 8010-54 RFU Finish Matt Brush / Spray