Epoxy paints are two pack coatings(consisting of base & hardener) which produces a hard, chemical and solvent resistant surface. They can be used for both steel as well as concrete in the most corrosive of environments with excellent protection to humidity, acids, alkalis etc. Different hardener systems such as Polyamides, Polyamines, cycloaliphatic polyamines, phenalkamines etc are chosen depending on type of protection desired. Epoxies however, have poor UV tolerance, and hence typically over coated (mostly with PU paints) when applied outdoor.

Pitch extended solvent free coating.Recommended for Immersed or underground applications

A flexible epoxy coating modified with dehydrated coal tar. It displays excellent water resistance and flexibility.

High build epoxy coating for marine and industrial applications. Cured with a polyamide hardener.

High solid Epoxy coating which can be used as a primer cum finish. Recommended as a marine as well as industrial coating

Surface tolerant high solid epoxy which can be used in aggressive conditions. Ideal as a maintenance coating where blasting is not possible.

Epoxy primer containing metallic zinc to provide cathodic protection. It is recommended for heavy duty protection of structures such as pipelines etc.

Epoxy based primer containing zinc phosphate as anticorrosive pigment cured with a polyamide hardener. It is recommended for Industrial environment.

Versatile anticorrosive epoxy primer which can be applied on a variety of substrates. It is recommended for both marine and industrial environments.

Specification Description
IS 13238 Epoxy based Zinc Phosphate Primer
IS 14209 Epoxy Enamel glossy
IS 14589 Zinc Priming Paint epoxy based
NCD 1416 Coaltar Epoxy Black & Brown
NCD 1435 Epoxy Redoxide Shopcoat Primer
NCD 1437 Epoxy Heavy Duty Non Skid Paint
NCD 1457 Solventless Epoxy A/C Paint EP1 & EP2