Concrete Coatings

Goa Paints offers novel products for protection of floors and concrete. The Conguard and Crackgard series provide excellent protection of exterior concrete against water, salinity etc. Our Epoxy range for concrete uses special hardeners which have tolerance to even damp concrete.

Silane siloxane based deep penetrating sealer which provides water repellence and barrier protection  for a variety of substrates like concrete as well as mineral stones such as granite, limestone etc. It is a clear coating offering upto 5 years protection.

It is a solvented pure Acrylic Finish paint; It has excellent anti-carbonation and weathering properties. Recommended for use on bridges, flyovers, industrial buidlings, chimneys, cooling towers etc

Water based pure Acrylic elastomeric coating;  It has excellent crack bridging and anti-carbonation properties. Recommended for use on bridges and roofing systems

Weather proof, non-yellowing, low VOC and stain resistant Pure Acrylic exterior paint.

It is a Clear Epoxy primer with tolerance to moist concrete. Excellent adhesion to concrete.

Self levelling, hard wearing epoxy coating for concrete floors, cured with a cycloaliphatic amine hardener.