Marine & Antifoulings

The marine environment is highly demanding on painting systems requirements. Apart from corrosion due to high levels of humidity and salinity, it subjects different areas to abrasion, harsh UV, and fouling attacks. Goa Paints has made a name for itself as a reliable supplier of quality marine coatings. We have the entire range of Antifouling paints including, class approved Self polishing antifouling. Our Unikote range of epoxy paints have excellent protection in tanks decks etc

Top of the line self-polishing antifouling coating providing protection from fouling for up to 5 years

Fast acting CDP antifouling, specially designed for fishing trawlers. Protection upto 1 year

Cost effective rosinated antifouling containing organic biocides. It is designed for short term seasonal protection.

Ballast Tank epoxy coatings designed to PSPC requirements. It is a high build aluminium pigmented epoxy for long term protection of ballast tanks.